530-529-2787 | 333 Oak St. Red Bluff, CA 96080

    The State Theatre is proud to feature the following audio and performance components:

Yamaha LS9-32 Mixer x 1 (32ch analog & 32ch Digital) (Multiple Comp, Gate, EQ each ch)
Yamaha MY16AT x2 (32ch of Digital Out on LS9)
YAMAHA 10″ CS Monitors 500w x 6 (6ch Monitor MIX w/eq)
Monitors Powered by Crown XL2500 x3
YAMAHA DSR215 x2  1300w ea, 2-way powered speakers
YAMAHA DSR118 x2 800w ea, powered sub-woofer
YAMAHA DSR112 x4 1300w ea, 2-way powered speakers


Audix DP Elite 8 Drum Mic Pack x1 (Drum Set Mic System)
Shure ULXP124/BETA58A-Dual ch Wireless system x3 Hand Held x3 Lavaliere
Nady Wireless Beta 58 x1
Shure SM57 x8,
Shure SM58 x16
Direct Boxes x3
Round base Mic stands w/boom x 6
Round Base mic stands x 6
Music Stands x 6


Control Acoustics 5-piece Acrylic Drum Shield x1
Alesis HD-24 hard drive 24ch  (Digital Or/Analog) recorder x1
Dual DJ CD Player
Standard DVD Player x1
Blue Ray DVD Player x1
Panasonic 5500u Projector (5500 Lumen)
Motorized Projection Screen x1 (16’ x 22’)